Washrunner: A Laundry Pickup Service With Ease
November 22, 2021

Washrunner: A Laundry Pickup Service With Ease



Is your washer broken? Are you stuck without clean clothes in the face of a work event? We know the drill.

When the world packs on stress, washing your laundry can be the first task to go. It’s easy to lose sight of the details: separating darks and whites, using dryer sheets, hanging clothes to dry. Before long, procrastination can leave you without clothes for the next day.

Re-wearing that shirt can’t be too bad… Right? How about a third day?

While enjoying your same-day Amazon deliveries and snacking on hand-delivered UBER Eats, you may ask: “Why can’t laundry be this simple?”

At Washrunner – LA’s premiere laundry pick-up service – we aim to do just that.

With the click of a button, we’ll send our qualified team to pick up and wash your clothes. From there, clothes are expertly treated, with eco-friendly detergents and smart-drying, and will be delivered back to you on the same day.

This article explores the different facets of Washrunner, from the science of chores, to our many services.

The research is in. While the occasional chore can boost your spirits and productivity, studies find that doing chores when you get home “prevent the body from reducing its level of stress hormone cortisol.”

After a day of work, the body wants to relax. By trying to keep up with the day-to-day minutia, it’s removing the critical time needed to unwind and decompress.

Whether you’re sitting back for a TV show with your partner or pouring a glass of wine, allowing yourself the space to relax and unwind is good for the mind, and the body. Taking time for yourself can lead to a few positive benefits.

  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Increasing your blood flow
  • Improving your digestion
  • Relieving aches and pains

While fixing your laundry won’t solve all your stress, using Washrunner can begin to pull back on your daily weight. Our service is not only convenient, but comprehensive. Let’s explore a few of Washrunner’s benefits.

While sending your clothes away may seem intimidating, you can take comfort in our process. Our team utilizes quick, reliable delivery as well as great washing methods.

We utilize a number of services to complete your laundry with delicacy and ease.

No need to run to the dry cleaner: washing and drying your clothes has never been so convenient. With our simple service, we’ll take your laundry straight from your home and deliver, all within the same day.

Treat your clothes as they’re meant to be treated. Using eco-friendly detergent and smart-drying techniques, we guarantee thoughtful care of your clothes, as well as following clothing-specific regulations.

When you finish laundry, folding your clothes can feel like a monumental task, and it can be all too easy to stuff your clothes in the dress. At Washrunner, we take the time to fluff and fold, ensuring your clothes will be fresh and wrinkle-free. We’ll deliver your outfits neat, organized, and pain-free.

When you detach yourself from your laundry, you deserve to be stress-free. We aim to provide quality services and a reputable system, so you can lean back and relax.

If you live in the hustle-bustle of LA, you’re in luck.

Our services now support the West LA, West Hollywood and Mid-City areas. As members of the community, we take our customers seriously, with open communication and thoughtfulness. We guarantee same day pick-up and delivery.

Explore our coverage map for a detailed overview of permitted zip codes and neighborhood. From Brentwood to Santa Monica, we hope to fulfill your laundry needs.

Don’t let your laundry sit in the hamper and don’t wash it if you’re gonna forget it in the wash. By detangling yourself from the day-to-day tasks, you can focus on what's important. If our service appeals to you – make your first order today!

We are ready and available for LA-based clients. To start, simply create an account. We’ll need your basic information, and when you’re through, you’re ready to order. From there, we’ll assign you to a representative, who you can call or text anytime throughout the process. Remember – our laundry pick up services are available within the hour.

Washrunner in a Nutshell

Doing your laundry can be time-consuming, stressful and inconsistent. Studies show the more we procrastinate, the higher the stress and emotional weight. While your laundry load may feel slight – freeing yourself can open you up to the things you’d like to do.

Whether you’re cracking open a book on your shelf, or spending time with your family, we hope that we give you more time to do the things you love.

Sometimes, it’s best to hand it over to professionals. Whether you’re in a pinch or looking for a new consistent team, we’re here when you need us.

View our pricing page for an idea of our affordable rates, and our about section for an in depth look of how we work. Tag along on our blog for explorations of the LA area, with reviews of local sites and scenes.

Please contact us with any supplemental questions. We pride ourselves on our open efficacy and communication.

At Washrunner, we aim to remove the stress of laundry. Let yourself relax and unwind.