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Things to do around Los Angeles

My trip to The Grove
Anindya Ghosh 
| April 12, 2022

My trip to The Grove, shopping and dining experience in Los Angeles.

My Trip to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
Anindya Ghosh 
| December 15, 2021

The Los Angeles Museum of Natural History is world class, (https://nhmlac.org/) family-friendly outing. It has tons of dinosaur fossil, rare stone and seasonal exhibits. It hosts many events that range from live DJ's, to educational events for children. https://nhmlac.org/calendar

My Trip to the California Science Center (Angkor Wat Exhibit...
By | November 22, 2021

The California Science center is a treat for almost anyone. Featuring exhibits that range from flight simulators and information on NASA missions, to special exhibits like the recent Angkor Wat exhibition.

Washrunner: A Laundry Pickup Service With Ease
| November 22, 2021

Is your washer broken? Are you stuck without clean clothes in the face of a work event? We know the drill. When the world packs on stress, washing your laundry can be the first task to go. It’s easy to lose sight of the details: separating darks and whites, using dryer sheets, hanging clothes to dry. Before long, procrastination can leave you without clothes for the next day.